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Loki [18 May 2018|05:20pm]

You wanna feel, I'll let you feel
Come over here.

Can't help what love
Could do to you:
You with cuts, scars, bruises, hurt
So what, you like, you like all the
Screws, tattoos? cool
That I can do, you're telling
You're telling me your
A little bit

Can't feel your heart
You want me to twist it
A little bit
Where does it hurt
Tell me where to kiss it

BATL - Backyard Axe Throwing League [17 Apr 2018|10:30pm]
Backyard Axe Throwing League
member of the National Axe Throwing Federation


Enter the Warehouse )


BATL is open 7 days a week 6pm-10pm.

League Nights are Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays

Walk-In free-throws on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays

Parties and private lanes can be booked in advance, and are subject to availability.

Natoli, Nelson & Barris LLC [02 Mar 2018|01:00pm]

Located Downtown, The Capital

Office Hours:
Monday - Thursday: 9am - 5pm
Friday: 10am - 3pm
Saturdays: by appointment only

We'll be right with you... )

Repose Info [09 Jan 2018|09:36pm]

[Character contact and information for [info]repose]

Character: Nishka Adeline Bariss
Residence: above the flower shop with [info]meltingsnow
Employment: Criminal Defence Attorney

Player name: Mel
Timezone: EST
Public contact information: mellybaggins @ gmail dot com

Comment on this post for contact information/plot discussions!

[all photos on this journal belong to Sarah Wayne Callies]

Repose App [09 Jan 2018|02:15pm]

Nishka Adeline Bariss )

/repose/playlist// [02 Jan 2018|10:53am]

Just for the record,
The weather today
Is slightly sarcastic, with a good chance of:
a) indifference, or
b) disinterest

In what the critics say.

California - 2017 [01 Jan 2018|09:56am]

Link to Nish threads from 2017 at Pax Letale


Loki and Coyote, Yea Olden Times, Loki saving a goddess from a giant
Loki and Tyr, Yea Olden Times, After Tyr's maiming
Loki and Fenrir, Yea Olden Times, after Fenrir's incarceration
Loki and Hodr, Yea Olden Times, After the death of Baldur
Loki and Persephone, Yea Olden Times, after Loki's incarceration
Loki and Hel, Yea Olden Times, after Loki's incarceration
Loki and Sigyn, October 2017, deities discuss their current hosts


Nish and Hades, Nish's most common nightmare
Nish and Loki, Loki reveals himself to Nish for the first time as an adult.
Nish and Loki, a warning about Fenrir
Nish and Hades, during Nish's self-destructing
Nish and Loki, in the hospital after her suicide attempt
Nish and Loki, after memory loss, Nish and Loki reunite
Nish and Loki, Loki reveals the truth about Nish's sister


The First Meeting
The Reunion
The Acceptance
The Crash
The Immediate aftermath

/where.i've.been/ [28 Nov 2017|06:09pm]

[a collection of old narratives that have been updated to fit the current version of Nish's character]

April 1, 1987 )

June 19, 1995 )

June 19, 1998 )

September 25, 1998 )

March 5, 2001 )

intermission )

March 21, 2003 )

January 1, 2006 )

January 11, 2007 )

October 26, 2007 )

October 29, 2007 )

October 31, 2007 )

psych eval )

(November 4, 2011)

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